A Tribute

To the world’s coolest grandparents,

I eagerly anticipate to visit you soon. My very first visit brought multifarious experiences for my flourishing mind. I may not be able to manifest my feelings through words; speech delay and social awkwardness cannot obstruct me to exhibit through my gestures. Listening to aunt’s melodious rhymes customised for me at the break of dawn was the finest start of my day. Nevertheless the tremendous efforts Baba infused to play horsy with me. If only I could, I would tell you my profound love for you is ceaseless.

How can I overlook the moment Mama dressed me like a real princess for my birthday party; entire venue was embellished with alluring colours. Nani’s never ending love for fireworks didn’t frighten me, I was delighted to see all the colours exploding in the night sky. Over the years I have observed Mama greeting guests with hugs, so when I recognised kids of my height I enthusiastically hugged them firmly until Mama had to undo my grasp. By the time we got home, Mama accompanied me in opening all those beautifully wrapped presents.

The succulently tempting Butter Naan that Nani cooked for me was my favourite. Ani’s insight about ice cream parlour let me indulge in various flavours everyday. In spite of the unfortunate incident that led a scar near my right eye-Mama still gets emotional while pondering over the incident, I enjoyed walking hand in hand with Nani. I loved hiding under the table with Ani’s markers. Her room filled my mind with inquisitiveness which compelled me to uncover all those captivating elements. Without any obligations Nani let me play with her cutlery, I arranged them in different patterns. Whenever Ani played my favourite songs I gleefully made everyone stand in queue while I clapped my hands. By the time I got bored of Ani’s room, Nani didn’t stop me from exploring her drawers. Later Mama scolded me for ruining her bedsheet by pasting Vaseline all over it. I was thrilled by emptying a bottle of baby powder all over the floor which Mama had to clean later.

When Baba used to go to sleep I watched Mama and Ani pulling each others legs. If only Ani knew how much Mama loves her; I have observed Mama contemplating Ani discreetly. I have seen Mama gazing at Baba while he emptied his cup of tea, and compelling Nani to put on some makeup. There are days when Mama fails to call you, it does not indicate that her compassion has reformed over the years. Her compassion for you is constant and so is mine.

Your Spoiled Granddaughter,


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