Our First Flying Experience Together

How exhilarating unwinding from our daily routine of work and hassle sounds, if you presume to read a dreamy tale of a traveller then I warn you MOTHERS DO NOT GET VACATIONS! We get to see others relax in addition to our own families; how fascinating and considerate.

It was yesterday only when I visited a beautiful soul who happens to be someone I dearly admire, she is a gorgeous mother of three utterly unique and delightful kids. Her youngest son turned eight months recently, and they are now going for a family holiday next week. I could tell how exhausted and nervous she was for her flying experience with the little one, and packing loads of extras for the kids. I have seen her superintending her family’s need like a pro. I have experienced similar circumstances and I am aware of how weary flights with kids can be.

Liyana’s terrible two phase began earlier than anticipated. It launched like a rocket plane without any directions. Prior to the launch, everything was going smoothly, from rolling on her back, sitting, teething, weaning, crawling to walking at eight months with few bumps here and there. Until she started throwing tantrums at only one and a half year, she has mastered her skills. Consequently, when I planned a short visit to Pakistan where my family resides, I knew how exasperating the flight will be. My husband for our ease, booked business class seats of Emirates Airline for the whole family, unaware of how drained his wife will be. Although I was thrilled to meet my family after four years, packing suitcases was a strenuous task alongside Liyana’s never ending tantrums.

Our flight was on October 29, 2016. While we were weighing our luggage for the last 100th time Liyana happily took a nap on her OWN which was a shocking discovery and an indication of a chaotic journey ahead. As soon as our journey progressed, Liyana’s curiosity and hyper activeness discovered new records. She went around each and every seat in our cabin, making me flush red with embarrassment. I have never seen so many eyes rolling at me. But the cabin crew were extremely polite and helpful. Sadly, when asked to wear seat belts, Liyana threw an outburst of frustration which later changed it’s course to constant crying on top of her lungs until we untied the belt. After a short interlude of silence, she persistently started crying. I made implausible attempts to soothe her, including strolling her in my arms across the minibar area for several intervals. One of the steward who realised how helpless and tired I was feeling offered a friendly conversation about his little girl. After hours of struggling, when she finally slept, I got a chance to breathe in peace. By the time announcement for landing was made Liyana’s discomfort towards wearing a belt resulted in shrieking cries. I noticed majority of women eyeing at me. Making me realise how hard we are on each other. There was another poor mother in our cabin, we gave each other a look of pity and had a brief conversation about our kids. And parted our ways at Dubai international airport. 

After indulging in a delicious breakfast at Emirates lounge we headed towards our next flight to Pakistan. The same juggle of endless cries continued till we finally landed in Karachi, Pakistan.

Regardless of how enervated I was the thought of getting to meet my beloved family made every struggle worth it. By the time we got our suitcases I looked like a mess, uncombed hair, face in sweat while Liyana kept on pulling my shirt. When we finally checked out of the airport, I saw three sets of beaming smiles (Ma, Baba and my only sister Anousha). A gentle hug and watery eyes said what words could never comprehend. 


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