Embracing Myself

Women struggle to accept their bodies due to the immense pressure of our society. Every once in a while we are body shamed for being ourselves. All those beautiful models on magazine covers are photo-shopped for unrealistic goals. I think its time that we find comfort in our own skin. No matter what our body shapes are we are peerless to one another; perfect and unique.

Above all, new mothers are criticised for not losing their baby weight post pregnancy. Every mother experience pregnancy differently, some are able to lose all the extra fat quickly while others don’t. At time pregnancy takes U-turn on our body shape. So, when I finally got a chance to look at my post pregnancy body instead of feeling ashamed of how my reflection looked in the mirror I instantly fell in love with myself. I had never felt so strong before, although I had lost so much blood and could hardly walk. This body shielded my child for nine months. How can I feel ashamed of it? It was swollen, stretched and squishy but it never gave up on my child’s well being. I happily took a shower and put on a pink gown, and hurriedly went to the  room to feed my child. I did not flaunt any belly binders because I wanted my belly to naturally shrink to its original size. That’s where breastfeeding comes in. 

Breastfeeding not only provides nutrition for a newborn but it is also essential for a new mother. It helps in burning calories faster, and shrinks uterus. Even though it is the most beautiful form of bonding with a newborn, it can be extremely exhausting for new mothers. I was sleep derived and exhausted; Liyana was a night owl and had colic which meant hours of crying due to tummy pain until lying her on my chest was the only way to soothe her. Every night I walked back and forth in my bedroon while carrying her until she was fast asleep; I was petrified by the thought of watching her cry. I wish I knew back then how smoothly everything will go for both of us.

I bear endless stretchmarks but they are my symbol of victory. 


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