A New Beginning 

Child birth is like a finishing line of pregnancy and I wanted to ace it. I expected my labour to last for few hours with a normal delivery. Little did I know what was destined. 

When I was thirty-two weeks pregnant I decided now was the perfect time to pack my hospital bag. All my childhood I have seen my mother pack an extra bag for my sister and me filled with unnecessary pair of clothes which she always considered to be essential even if we were visiting our grandparents for few hours. Although, I was always annoyed by her habit, I ended up doing the same. Five extra gowns and a makeup bag were part of my extravagance. 

When I hit my thirty-nighth week of pregnancy, family and friends started anxiously speculating the sex of my child along with few tips of bringing labour quicker. Eating butter was one of them; as if butter could make her slip out of me. When I was about to hit my fortieth week, anxiousness  over the thought of getting induced made me increase the number of squats I did everyday. I wish I knew Liyana had her own terms.

October 31st, 2014, early morning my water broke causing premature rupture of membrane. I was kept under observation in order to calculate baby’s vitals, during that time my contractions began and I was sent back home until they became stronger. I do not remember eating any solids due to the intensity of contractions. November 1st, 2014 early morning I was called to the hospital, my husband and mother-in-law accompanied me. My family who live in Pakistan, unfortunately couldn’t make it,  but all praise to Skype they could communicate with me. I cannot imagine their height of concern for their first daughter, but I couldn’t have been as determined as I was if my mother was around who kept on weeping on the phone. 

Those thirty six hours of labour were the longest and yet so excruciating hours of my life; every second felt like days. Terrified by the side effects of epidural I tried to control as much pain as I could. During the final hours the intensity of pain caused me to feel dizzy and I ended up asking for pain killer. I was injected with dimorphine.

November 3rd, 2014 at exactly 11:04am Liyana opened her eyes in our world. All the pain  and efforts felt worth it. She was perfect and tiny, and weighed six and a half pounds. Due to taking pain killer couple of hours before delivery, Liyana was blue and unreponsive. Midwife had to immediately clamp her cord and took her to the resuscitation table. I could feel my heart in my throat until I heard her first cry; the only time I was glad she cried. I haven’t witnessed such a divine feeling for someone in my life. Liyana was delivered by one of the sweetest person I have met, Liana. I was as surprised to know her name as she was to know the name of my first born. For a minute I thought it was dimorphine. 

From that day onwards my world completely changed. 


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