Her name

As an expectant mother of a baby girl, one of my biggest concerns apart from her nourishment was to come up with the most fitting and meaningful name; it felt like my prime mission. So, I sat down in the most comfortable position possible with an uncountable number of pillows hugged around me, and went on to my name hunting trip on several websites for hours.

Until I read LIYANA, an Arabic word which means softness (literal term), but when chosen as a name it describes the softness of a person’s heart and personality. At that very instant it felt perfect. As a sense of achievement I patted my back, and headed to the kitchen for my next box of vanilla ice cream.

I prayed every night to see a glimpse of my baby’s face, it may sound amusing but I ended up delivering a kitten in those dreams. 

Thank goodness I delivered a human; my very own dear child. She looked delicate and yet so beautiful in every way. In that moment she made me a Mom. 


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